Research on Case studies of fixed capacity Queue and Changing the Queue capacity using Artificial Intelligence.

What is Queue?

A queue is a data structure that stores the elements in a sequence. A queue uses the FIFO method (First In First Out), by which the first element that is enqueued will be the first one to be dequeued.

The process to add an element into queue is called Enqueue and the process of removal of an element from queue is called Dequeue.

Basic features of Queue

  1. Queue is also an ordered list of elements of similar data types.
  2. Queue is a FIFO( First in First Out ) structure.
  3. Once a new element is inserted into the Queue, all the elements inserted before the new element in the queue must be removed, to remove the new element.
  4. peek( ) function is oftenly used to return the value of first element without dequeuing it.

Applications of Queue

Queue, as the name suggests is used whenever we need to manage any group of objects in an order in which the first one coming in, also gets out first while the others wait for their turn, like in the following scenarios:

  1. Serving requests on a single shared resource, like a printer, CPU task scheduling etc.
  2. In real life scenario, Call Center phone systems uses Queues to hold people calling them in an order, until a service representative is free.
  3. Handling of interrupts in real-time systems. The interrupts are handled in the same order as they arrive i.e First come first served.

Fixed capacity Queue

A fixed size queue is one where there is a limit to how many elements can be queued. There can be fewer than the maximum number but there can not be more than this maximum. a queue is to say it simple an array where the data is stored and maintained until something its added or removed.


when you press a key (any key) the keyboard does not do anything except to store the value of such key on a queue, in order so the first that gets in is the first that is processed later by some other computer part.

this queue cannot just be any size because its made on harware so its “fixed”, and that what it means fixed size, that the number of elements you can put in the queue has a max. it can be empty of course but cannot be more than it size and that's why computer back in the day started to beep if you typed too fast to the point they could not cope with it. The keyboard queue was full, and you had to wait until it finishes.



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